Saturday, November 14, 2009

A tribute to my master

The man who I adore and admire the most, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He has played international cricket for around two decades come this November 15th. There are millions of fans for Sachin around the globe and as the days move on I believe there will be oodles and oodles of new Sachin fans. Sachin has now almost played for three generations for our nation and is still eager to go out in the middle with his pads on.

There are umpteen reasons for a person to be a fan of Sachin. Some people are fans of Sachin, may be because of his sound technique and ability to score runs at his will. Some people are still fans of Sachin, may be because of the old swashbuckling innings of Sachin in the 90's. Some people are fans of Sachin, may be because of the records he hold in the game. Some more people are fans of Sachin, because they just want to claim that he/she is also a fan of Sachin, that they belong to that massive community of Sachin Fans. Very few are fans of Sachin because of his astounding character he displays in real life beyond cricket.

I think I fall under the last category. Whenever Sachin scores a boundary or a century, be it a small boy or a youngster or a married man or an elderly man they have a smile in their face and feel happy and its this aspect that made me to think why can't I do the same. Its Sachin's humbleness and politeness even after earning so much and being on the spotlight for almost his entire life, which reminds me to be humble and polite as much as possible. Its his willingness and eagerness to learn more and more in cricket even from junior players, that makes me to feel why can't I be like him. Sachin never complains about the wrong decisions given by the umpires against him, which reminds me to forgive everyone as mistakes are bound to happen for anyone. Its his passion for his game, which makes me feel so very diminished for not having passion in anything at all ever in my life.

I have read in an article that Sachin is a champion Snake player on the cellphone, according to Harbhajan. Though I am not a champion like him, I am good at it.

His family has been of a great support for him all these days and I personally wish to thank them. Whenever Sachin is in the middle with his bat, I don't move a muscle and watch him play. I wish he should never retire. Once Sachin has retired from international arena, I guess I would stop watching cricket and I wish that day will never ever come. And Sachin winning a World Cup is not only his dearest wish, mine too and many others too, well he deserves it.

If there is ever one person who has influenced me so much in my life, its this man Sachin Tendulkar. Thanks to him. I will love to possess those unique abilities of Sachin and I will not quit until I achieve those; This is Karthikeyan C.N. There is not fate but what we make.